Distance Adoption

“We are not alone in the world!

We can extend the hands and

create bridges

giving new opportunities and a better life

to babes”

The project  “ADOPTION AT DISTANCE” is an initiative  promoted by the Institute  of the Sacred Heart of the Incarnate Word. About six years ago and was strongly desired by the Superior General – Mother Vittoria Valentino – leading by the Nuns, the collaborators and above all  from You who participate. Today the project involves  numerous people and Families  in Italy and it is the guarantee  not only  for materials, nourishment but for psychological  help to more than 350 children  victims  of a social reality  that is characteristic of Argentina particularly on the Province of Chaco swept  away by poverty, penury, unemployment, hunger and abandonment institutional.

This instrument of solidarity was born small and as an integrate part of the missionary work, widely hard  working  in that region and its proved  to be important  not only as a source for primary needs ( garments, food, instruction etc) but the effect over  the kids. An example: through the mailing correspondence they catch and understand the presence of the patrons and patroness that think on them from afar. That they have concern on them. That they with one’s heart think for them future…

The ADOPTION AT DISTANCE often is a way of return, to give back the hope. The warmth that ties the Families of the adopters and the children is a witness of a serene and possible life.. Adoption at distance represents your contribution to our tentative to offer to the children a real possibility to development and a healthy and serene growth.