Sacred Heart of Jesus 2023

In this edition of our greeting Sheet we want to give particular prominence to the Heart of Christ the Lord and exhort with renewed faith to draw now more than ever, from the life source of the Eucharistic Heart of the Word Incarnate, the greatest and most fruitful spiritual nourishment for our life.

Our Venerable Mother Carmela, who was assiduously contemplating the Mercy of the open Heart of Incarnate Word,   wrote: “The Sacred Heart is that divine source from which gushes that healthy water that quenches thirst forever” and, in the Spiritual Report to her Confessor, on November 17, 1900, she wrote: “ Love is that mysterious key that opens the rich gate of this mystical garden, love is that  mysterious key that opens the most secret hiding places of my Heart, and introduces the souls I love a deal with them with greater familiarity on the interests of the glory of my Divine Father, and rejoice and enjoy the sweetest delights of my love, and to live a paradise of delights and sweets, to be made sharers in all the most intimate secrets of my Heart”.

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