Jubilee of the 75th anniversary of Mother Carmela Prestigiacomo’s birth into heaven

On March 25, the Solemnity of Mary Most Holy of the Annunciation, the Jubilee Year was inaugurated by Mother Cleusa A. De Carvalho, Superior General, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the birth in Heaven of our beloved Foundress, Venerable Mother Carmela Prestigiacomo. The Eucharistic celebration at the Mother House in Palermo was presided over by Fr. Domenico Napoli, concelebrating with two of his brothers and Fr. Nino Rocca, parish priest of Acquasanta.

It was a beautiful celebration and the Institute Chapel was filled with sisters, from Italy and abroad, faithful and devotees, and was enlivened by the songs of the Acquasanta Parish Choir.

Later, in the afternoon, the book “A timeless story” was presented: a biography of Mother Carmela Prestigiacomo, founder.

Present the author, Prof. Vittorio De Marco. A large audience participated in the presentation, which involved the souls and turned on the lights for the rich and meaningful debate that followed: Mother Carmela’s path to holiness, visible in the lines of her life, inflamed us religious, her spiritual daughters, and the laity present. The “physical” absence has become present in the words and in the testimonies of closeness. Memory of a biography that advances along the invisible red thread of history until our days, almost a memorial of holiness that gives us hope: today, like Mother Carmela yesterday, together with her faithful testimony, we too can confidently follow in her footsteps in the fulfillment of our charism for the Kingdom of God.

In the evening, a buffet for all those present, organized by the Euroform students, under the direction of the teachers, concluded this opening day.

Let us praise God, and pray that this year be a year of grace for each one of us, let us pray to be able to repeat with Mother Carmela: “My last breath will be love.”
by Sister Cristina Compagno