Testimony about Mother Pierina

Yesterday April 29th 2020, Mother Pierina Guido went to the Father’s Kingdom. Her life it was a song to the Lord and one Sister wrote something about she, here you can read it:

Keeping the lamp alight …

Remembering Mother Pierina.

When you feel heartbreak for the detachment of a loved one, the mind also informs an emptiness and the words fail to express the deepest feelings and the most beautiful memories in remembering a piece of shared history.

I lived with Mother Pierina for 40 years in Rome, truly a life ….

I was 20 when she welcomed me as aspirant to religious life and she was superior general. Trust and sincere and maternal affection on her part, and equally sincere and filial on my part, have characterized our Roman coexistence.

Mother Pierina was been for me and for many of us a Mother and confidant, teacher of life and companion on the journey, without noise, without appearance, but in the silence of her hours of prayer in the room or in the chapel, in her profound glances, in the little and delicate gestures, just like the jasmine flower that she made me find on the bench of the Church; in her solitary walks in the garden that had become a Marian appointment.

How many times, looking at her, I seemed to see Mother Carmela, of whom she was a worthy and faithful daughter and an authentic charismatic heir.

The community, the sisters in every ages and nation, were for her “her own family” in the truest and deepest sense of the word. Staying together, praying or celebrating the feasts, eating an ice cream or telling a joke was a reason for joy, the joy of the simple ones … she had learned it from Mother Carmela and transmitted it to us with purity and simplicity that characterized her.

About Mother Pierina, many things can be said and with respect to her reservedness, on this day that she physically leaves the house in Rome and in which the feast of Saint Catherine of Siena, Patroness of Italy, occurs, I conclude by putting on Mother’s Pierina lips the words of this great Saint, knowing not to do her wrong:

“O abyss, o eternal Trinity, o Deity, o deep sea!

And what more could you give me than yourself?

You are a fire that always burns and is not consumed.

You are the one who consumes every self-love of the soul with your warmth.

You are fire that removes all coldness and illuminates the minds with your light, with that light with which you made me know your truth “.

Mother Pierina, you are now in the light, that light that knows no sunset, pray for us!

Sister Vittoria Valentino

Ex General Superior of the Congregation

April 29th  2020