Christ overcame death

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I would like to address to you especially in these difficult times, to meditate and pray to the school of the Venerable Servant of God Mother Carmela Prestigiacomo, Foundress of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of the Incarnate Word.

A stop on the arduous journey, fraught with suffering and tears, but full of solidarity and courageous hope of those who serve animated by Love. We are all aware of it, we are experiencing unforgettable days, and despite the difficulties, we celebrated Holy Easter with great joy. Certainly, more than before, the celebration itself was in a really different way, with accents of profound humanity. Then, let us continue to turn our eyes to heaven, heartened by grace and we pray in silence, and again ask God for mercy and consolation.

We, the spiritual Daughters of the Venerable Mother Carmela, want to bring the Light of hope that emanates from the contemplation of the human Word of God, incarnated only for love. Mystery of the Incarnation which transforms into an oblatory love which is inserted into the Mystery of the Redemption in a spirit of reparation, to bring the Word of God to every man and to alleviate their sufferings, with the assiduous prayer of intercession which is the first charity.

I address to everyone an invitation to remain firm in faith and at the same time walk with the risen Christ, treasuring in mind and heart, His glorious Resurrection. Alleluia!

 Happy and Holy Easter! Alleluia!

 Sister Alba D. Arce