Amazon: new paths for the Church and for an integral ecology

What the Church is experiencing right now is an extraordinary Synod, a breath of the Holy Spirit in our “Time”of today.

In this way Pope Francis expressed himself in the angelus of October 15, 2017: “the main aim of the Synod is:” to identify new paths for evangelization of this segment of the People of God, especially the indigenous people, often forgotten … “An extraordinary event proposed and willed by Pope Francis who in the meeting with the indigenous people said:   “I wanted to come to visit you and listen to you, so that we can stand together, in the heart of the Church, and share your challenges and reaffirm with you a heartfelt option for the defence of life, the defence of the earth and the defence of cultures”.

It is a profound and meaningful experience also for our religious Family that could give a little contribution during this extraordinary event.

We, daughters of Mother Carmela Prestigiacomo, want, in the various realities of the mission to manifest our unity and collaboration in the local and universal Church. To this end, the General Curia proposed itself as a volunteer on October 23, to welcome and entertain pilgrims in the Church of the Traspontina, the venue of various events proposed during the entire Synod.

We were present in the Prayer Vigil of the 5 th day, which marked the official opening of the activities, linked to the space “Amazon: The Common Home”. A special night of listening, of welcome, of joy, of openness and challenges of our world today.

The Amazon is screaming and in the depth of it its sons and daughters cry. We cannot remain indifferent ”. (father Roberto Carrasco, OMI).

To be light that shines amidst of the darkness … this is our mission!

To stay together, consecrated with different Charisms and lay people, from different cultures, is for us a reason to “look for new paths that render the Kairòs possible for the Church and for the world”.