Ayutla: The land kissed by the sun and by God

The presence of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of the Incarnate Word in this land of mission continues to be a blessing and a visible sign of the “incarnate” way of loving the Word. The text of Anonymous fiammingo of the XIV century states:  

“Christ has no hands but only our hands to do His work today,

Christ has no feet but only our feet to lead men on His paths,

Christ has no tongue but only our tongue to tell about Him to men of today,

Christ has no means but only our help to bring them to His side,

We are the only Bible the people still read,

We are the God’s last message, written in word and deed;

     The daily and total offering of ourselves to Christ, Spouse and Lord, in a spirit of reparation, builds and strengthens the fraternal bonds and realizes the specific call to the “reciprocity of love”.

 Faithfulness to community actions, to personal responsibilities, to the initiatives of the parish and the diocese help us to mature in communion. All the  days we meet Christ and our brethren and our hearts are neither polarized towards a false mysticism nor does it become entangled in unrestrained activities.

The awareness of our limitations and defects and of the natural inclination to sin reminds us that no good virtue can grow in us if we do not eradicate the ““weeds”, for this reason we commit ourselves to use all the means that the holy Church, our Constitutions and this place give us the opportunity to joyfully correspond to the personal and communitary call to holiness. Enlightening is the use of diamond metaphor by Florensky. Seen from the outside, the diamond not yet worked is like any simple stone. When the carver starts working it, bringing out the inner core, it is transparent to such an extent that when exposed to sunlight it reflects all the colors of the rainbow. According to the author, every man has a treasure that is hidden in our soul, which is God himself. Only the one who has a pure heart can see this treasure.

The two biblical women, Martha and Mary, indicate to us not only how to be contemplative in spirit and apostles in action, but also how to relate to God. Martha understood that she can do something for Jesus and Mary that Jesus can do something for her. The cross of Christ has given us the right to be loved in error and in failures. God always comes down where we fall and continues to love us. God loves us even when we don’t deserve it. It is marvelous to be that one who is before God without acting and then we can do something for others, who will see in us persons touched by the love of God. At this point our apostolate here can become light that enlightens the minds and conscience of the many, hope that warms hearts and work of charity that motivates and makes present the merciful love of the Sacred Heart.

The activities that we promote, in the name of the Congregation, are numerous and all in harmony with our personal and foundation charism. Education to the faith, evangelization ad gentes and human promotion embrace different sectors of the pastoral life of our parish of St. Michael the Archangel. The Catechetical Preparation for children and young people aged 4 to 12, adolescents and young people aged 15 and above and adults. Human and Christian formation for girls who are preparing for a  thanksgiving to God for the first 15 years of their  life, formation of all the catechists, of the center and of the communities that depend of the parish, training for parents and godparents of children and young people in  preparation to receive the sacraments of Christian initiation. The formation of the liturgical group, of evangelization, of ministers and the animation of the various communities of evangelization is entrusted to Sister Lindy. The activities of catechesis are coordinated by Sister Benita. I collaborate in catechesis, formation and care of the home. When necessary, we support the celebration of the Word in the different communities. We all participate in the pastoral council of the parish and Sister Benita also in the diocesan council. As the sun with its rays illuminates and permanently heats Ayutla so our presence in this land symbolizes the kiss of God that creates and regenerates new life.

To the protection and intercession of the Virgin Mary and of the Venerable Mother Carmela, today and always, we recommend ours; “Fiat mihi secùndum verbum tuum” in every moment.