Ascent to Mount “Tres Marias” with young people

Sister Aparecida Tabares  arranged a  well thought out  and intrepid initiative with the catechists of the parish of Maria Madre de Dios on Saturday 5 May.   She did this in order to offer the children who are preparing for Confirmation, a new enriching opportunity,  as well as an adventure and  at the same time deepen the theme of fraternal help and the encounter with God,. They did this  by climbing the mountain “Tres Marias” in the city of San Juan, in Argentina. The climb  up the mountain, which is 1000 meters high, was a real effort, but the young people were happy to do  this experience together with the catechists and Sister Aparecida who guided them.  So not only did they march on the mountain, but went into depth on the theme: “fraternal help and the encounter with God through nature”,.  They were very enthusiastic to talk about it and shared their own experiences of the day. Everyone was very happy!